Friday 11 December 2015

An Unexpected Meal

     This evening was the "Festive Special" at Swiss Chalet with the family, but I also had a free lunch at the Senior's Centre. Quite unexpectedly we were told that, from now on, some free lunches would be delivered on Fridays from a catering company. I suspect they are what is left over after the week's deliveries. The food wasn't great - mostly pasta with or without chicken and a few chicken pot pies but also a variety of soups. I chose French Onion and it was quite tasty and enough to fill me. The meals are served cold but, rather than waiting to use the one microwave in the centre's kitchen, I took it home.

   I had stayed after fitness class for the open meeting with the centre's executive team - all volunteers. They recounted all their activities since the Spring meeting and asked for ideas and suggestions on how to improve the centre's facilities, attract volunteers or add programs, so it was quite a productive meeting. Immediately after we had cake and coffee and got a ticket for the free lunch. I will certainly take advantage of this offer in the future.

   We had a lovely get-together at Swiss Chalet this evening - the grandkids were on their best behaviour and a fun time was had by all. The Festive Special (chicken, stuffing salad or fries, cranberry sauce) was delicious as usual and the Lindt truffles were shared around. After all these treats today I will have to cut back on goodies for a few days.

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