Monday, 28 December 2015

A Storm Coming

     So cold today! It started out at -6C but felt much colder. I just ran up to the mall for a couple of errands and have been cosily wrapped up indoors ever since. The fire is burning and giving off lots of heat so all's right with my world.

    Last day of leftovers - I bought a nice piece of salmon for tomorrow's dinner which will make a pleasant change. I have started to take down the Christmas tree (i.e. brought the bins up from the basement) but my main chore today was to prepare for the coming nasty weather.

   There is supposed to be a considerable snowfall overnight although it might also be freezing rain. In any event I have put the car in the garage (it usually just stays in the driveway) and stocked up on salt. I even got out the snow shovel and prepped the snow blower - just in case! Hope I can manage to my tennis game (indoors, of course) tomorrow.

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