Tuesday, 29 December 2015

After the Storm

    The expected snowfall turned out to be only about 8cm. but, with the rain that followed, it became a waterlogged mess, very heavy to shovel. I have left most of it, hoping it will melt but the temperature is supposed to fall below freezing tonight.

   I made it to tennis this morning, leaving a little early in case of traffic problems - just one traffic light flashing red which didn't hold me up very much. We managed to play three sets but one was very short (6-0 with Hendrina and me on the zero side) so I was home shortly after 12:00.

    I had shoveled some snow before I left, really just to give the mailman a path to the letter box, so I did a bit more before lunch. Then soup, a sandwich, followed by a nap, another go at the driveway and the rest of the afternoon was spent reading. The Christmas tree is back in its box and the bins stacked neatly in the basement until next year. Time to go fix the salmon for dinner.

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