Monday, 1 June 2020

The Merry Month of June

   Another beautiful day, blue skies, a slight breeze and reasonable temperatures. The pool guys were here today for the first chemical check and vacuuming. The pool looks great but, unfortunately, the water is still too cold for swimming. My new pool heater is coming on June 19th and not a day too soon!

   The days are zipping past - can't believe it is June already! My big complaint is that my local library is still not open. I have books and videos waiting for me but since it is in a mall it still must stay closed. Other branches facing onto a street are open for curbside pick ups and returns. I might try to have my "holds" transferred to one of them.

   Good news today - my tax return has been approved and I will get my refund very soon. Of course, they may look at it again once the bulk of returns have been processed but by then I will have spent the money! It will almost cover the cost of the new pool heater.


  1. Some good news. Hope you get your pool sorted and get your books! The jury still out on return to school.

  2. I don't mind swimming in the pool without the heater but right now it's only 68F, still a bit chilly for even me!

  3. A good idea to try to transfer the books. How frustrating that they are there for you but . . .

    Not long to wait until the pool is ready for you. I am so jealous (in a nice way).

  4. A pool sounds very luxurious!