Saturday, 23 November 2019

The Last Cleanup

   I had a really good night's sleep - wakening just before 8:00 - and was quite energised, so accomplished a lot today. The snow is finally gone, despite my prediction that it would be here until Spring, and it was a lovely Fall day. 

   After the usual Saturday chores I got going in the garden. Now the front is looking quite neat and tidy and ready for winter.

Seemingly it is good to leave some leaves in the borders - cover for birds and small animals, and nutrients for the soil. So I just raked the grass.

   After rather a substantial lunch (I had worked up quite an appetite) I had a short nap then got going in the back yard. Two bins filled so now I am ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way!


  1. I feel exhausted just reading about it.

  2. Today I did very little in the way of chores!

  3. Well done you! I think our abundance of leaves are on the lawn/gardens until spring, we still have a little snow left. December 1st shows 5 snowflakes on the weather network.

  4. Supposed to get up tp 9C here this week. I imagine you are in the snow belt.