Tuesday, 19 November 2019

First Christmas Turkey Lunch

…..not to be confused with the Thanksgiving turkey dinner of early October.

   Actually, all the eating out in the next month won't necessarily involve turkey. This one, the monthly RWTO lunch, I had no control over - it was turkey or nothing. I do like turkey and this was exceptionally good and moist with stuffing, cranberry sauce and lots of vegs. Two of the other lunches will be buffets so I can avoid the turkey and eat something else. For the Probus lunch I chose salmon over turkey as Parkview Manor does delicious salmon. 

   Of course, there will be the Festive Special at Swiss Chalet with the family which will likely be chicken (#1 son and possibly #1 grandson, who are both big eaters, will probably order the chicken and ribs combo). I haven't decided what to serve for Christmas lunch but I usually order a capon from Pusateri's. They are often almost as big as a turkey but much juicier. Another option is a stuffed turkey breast from Longo's but they are expensive if you are feeding hungry guys.

   After today's lunch, which was rounded out with apple pie and cream, I am still stuffed so it will just be soup and a sandwich for dinner tonight!


  1. Lots of special lunches coming up. Nice that some of those luncheons offer other choices. Since I don't get to participate in the Swiss Chalet Festive Special, we make a trip to the Lindt warehouse in Kitchener so I get have treats too (col).

  2. Ooh, I love Lindt chocolate too! Especially Caramel and Sea Salt, that's my favourite!