Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Sunny and Mild

   Another beautiful fall day -sunny, high of 10C and no wind. I had a long walk this morning (no gloves or hat needed) to make up for sitting at the Bridge table all afternoon.

    I had pretty good cards at Bridge but not enough to put me in the top five. At least I didn't get the booby prize!

   Nothing else to report. 


  1. Yeah to no booby prizes! It was certainly a mild day & unbelievably all our leaves got raked up & taken to the recycle centre! Just in time for that big storm predicted for the weekend, so hopefully you'll get a few more lovely walks in before the weekend.

  2. No chance of a walk today with the torrential rain. I expect you got some of that too.

  3. I need to find some time to walk - not that I have been sitting around recently, I have been on my feet all day but walking with purpose is so much better.