Wednesday, 13 November 2019

After the Snow Storm

   We are all dug out - truth to tell it was rather a small quantity of snow, just a shock coming so early in the winter. I walked to my fitness class and had to be careful to avoid icy patches. The sidewalks had been cleared but not perfectly. It is still extremely cold for this time of year but should warm up a bit next week.

   While at the senior's centre I had a surprise, impromptu lunch! Two of the other snack bar ladies had picked up Indian food to eat there (they are both South Asian) and kindly shared with me. It was "dosa" - a kind of pancake wrapped around a spicy mix of cooked vegetables. Quite hot (as in spicy) but I enjoyed it immensely. There were two sauces to dip it in, one hot and one cool, and a donut shaped fritter which was also spicy but a little bit sweet, also delicious. I had brought my lunch - I usually work over the lunch hour - but didn't need it. I love to try new tastes!

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