Saturday, 30 November 2019

An Afternoon on the Kitchen

    Saturday is my day for laundry and grocery shopping but the afternoon is often a lazy time with not much accomplished. Not today!

   When I got home from the store I got a pot of leek and potato soup going. I haven't made it in ages but I recently replaced my hand blender and wanted to try it out. It worked very well and the soup was smooth and delicious.

   After lunch and a nap I decided to get cracking on some Christmas baking. Normally I use a pastry mix for mince pies but I have been unable to find it in the stores so had to (horrors!) make it from scratch. They turned out well and I had enough pastry to make a rustic mincemeat pie for my "cook's treat". 

   Still feeling energetic I got dinner started in my new crock pot (not strictly new, just new to me from Value Village). It started with some chicken drumsticks, a can each of mixed beans, corn and chopped tomatoes and some brussell sprouts. However, it seems to be cooking rather slowly so may not be ready until too late for dinner. In the meantime I am having another treat, guacamole and red pepper hummus (homemade) with tostitos.

   The hummus was made with chick peas that didn't go in the crock pot and some red peppers I roasted earlier this week. Along with some garlic, sour cream and lemon juice it made a delicious dip. So, all in all, a highly productive day with enough food to keep me going until later in the week.


  1. I really like those lazy Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons at home. Oh mince tarts, it is the season, cannot wait for my friend to make (lol).

  2. Lazy days are nice, and the crockpot makes them even nicer. I have not thought of adding Brussel sprouts in the crockpot with other vegetables. Did they slow down the cooking?

    PS Popped over from Patio Postcards.