Friday, 8 November 2019

A Difficult Read

   Woke up to a layer of snow on Thursday morning and was almost late for my early morning RTO meeting by having to sweep the snow off the car. We were hard at it from 9:30 until just after noon. Then it was straight to Book Club (with a quick stop at Burger King for a Bacon cheese 'burger - ooh it was greasy but sooo good!).

    Claire and I were hosts this month at book club, presenting "Educated" a memoir by Tara Westover. The discussion went very well, especially since the book dealt with some heavy issues. Tara and her siblings were very inadequately home -schooled and suffered several types of abuse, both mental and physical, but at least two managed to escape the domination of their parents and go on to lead normal, productive lives. Tara herself received several degrees from prestigious universities. However, I wouldn't recommend the book to anyone with a weak stomach!

    Our treats went down well also - not as elaborate as last month's but most appreciated. We didn't have a big turnout - just 16 of us - maybe because of the disturbing nature of some sections of the book, but most were glad to have read it.

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