Saturday, 2 November 2019

Early Preparations

   Plum pudding made and ready to be packed away to mature until  Christmas.

   Started this yesterday but couldn't get the photo of the plum pudding to load. It's rather pale as I forgot to add the molasses but I'm sure it will taste fine. I'm definitely not making another one!

   Still cold and windy but the rain seems to have petered out. No sunshine, though. Hurt my back/hip yesterday bending over the dishwasher, so am moving rather slowly today. It is worst when I have been sitting for a while so must keep moving! Just as well it is too miserable to be out working in the garden anyway. Feet up for the rest of the evening, I think.


  1. Looks delicious to me and I am sure even without the molasses it will be fine. Hope the back improves - I feel at bit stiff in places today.

  2. Managed a little while in the garden this afternoon but it was bitterly cold (for November).