Friday, 11 October 2019

Paid In Full

   I have a parts plan with Enbridge, my gas supplier, and it doesn't come cheap. But today I pretty much recouped the whole amount by having their plumber come out and fix a leaky tap at no cost! Plumbers are about the most expensive service men so it was a relief not to have to pay him for his time.

    This was the result of the new washing machine. When attaching the new hoses something in the tap gave way although I think it may have been leaking slightly for a while. I have had to turn off the hot tap between washes and that did reduce the drip but now it is fixed and hopefully there will be no more problems.

    A gorgeous day on the tennis courts today, albeit a bit windy. The sun is now quite low in the sky in the early morning and that did cause problems as well, but it was lovely to be out in the fresh air getting a bit of exercise. Eat your hearts out all you poor working souls! It's great to be retired.

   We were also treated to a workshop on preventing shoulder injuries. It was given by Physio Mobility Centre and there was a demonstration of exercises we should do to warm up for tennis or if our shoulders are tight in the morning. We probably won't but it was an interesting clinic. If you are in the Toronto area the Centre is at The Shops of Don Mills - I'm not paid to advertise for them but I do have a coupon for a massage there, which I won at the tennis Gala!

    Later this afternoon I made another jar of tomato chutney. It has to cook for 2 hours and I almost let it go too long but saved it in the nick of time. The tomatoes are coming thick and fast and I also used another one to make bruschetta. This may be the last day of the warm spell but if it is sunny the tomatoes will continue to ripen. Then I will bring the rest inside before the first frost.

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  1. Oh Chris I do encourage you to do those warm exerciser; it's my experience working at the physio clinics that pipes up on this - it is so important, long term. I often wonder about enrolling into those service plans, you've just made a good case of yes.