Tuesday 15 October 2019

Brunch and Lunch

   Sunny but cool again today but I didn't spend much of it outdoors as today was the RWTO Craft Sale and Lunch. This is when members of our association set up tables and show off their crafts before we eat lunch. I didn't buy much but some of the vendors did a roaring trade. 

   Lunch was good as usual, salad, chicken breast and lots of vegetables, followed by ice cream in a crepe. There was also a speaker (health insurance) but not something I need more of so I tuned her out and just sat digesting my meal. This was my second (of three) big meals this week but I managed to restrain myself from overeating. Just soup and a sandwich tonight 

   I had had an early morning run to the tennis club to set up the final day pot-luck brunch (which I was unable to attend!) so after lunch I headed back there to pick up my contribution and do a final check that everything was tidied up. My volunteer designates had done a good job and everything was tickety boo! There was one slice of pumpkin pie left so I brought that home for an after dinner treat tonight. I think I deserved it!

    Later this week the summer club hands over to the winter program, a bubble is installed over the courts and the city takes over the running of the facility. So, that is it until May. It is getting a bit cool to be playing outdoors anyway and I am ready for a change of activities. Pickleball anyone?


  1. How great is that, that you get a bubble over the tennis courts for the winter. Our little village tennis club has investigated that option, unfortunately too costly for such a small group.

  2. I don't join the winter club - it's too expensive, a membership fee plus court time. I have a friend with a tennis court in the basement of her condo and I play there occasionally over the winter. Other than that it's pickleball which is free at my local community centre.