Sunday, 20 October 2019

Tattie Harvest

   Tennis this morning - it was a beautiful day, sunny and no wind, but not too many on the courts. We played for an hour and a half (Kathy and Frank beat Cathy and me 6-4). The others stayed for another set but I had had enough by then.    

I dug up the last of the potato plants today and got a bumper crop. I will definitely plant some next year. These will take me some time to eat up so I hope they keep well.

I was surprised to get a mixture of red and white potatoes.

   I was gardening without a jacket this afternoon and got the grass cut and the borders trimmed. I brought in my gorgeous plant, that is still blooming well,  to make sure it doesn't get frosted. It still has lots of buds on it.


  1. That certainly has been a bumper crop of potatoes - I'm putting that on my list of things to try to grow next spring. Your hibiscus is still looking fantastic.

  2. Thanks for reminding me what the plant is called. How quickly we forget! Don't try using regular supermarket potatoes for your crop like a friend of mine's father did to show the grandkids. A big disappointment when they dug up the plants!

    1. our local farm store has seed potatoes every spring - I trust them!

  3. there is nothing better than home grown potatoes, they always have a better taste about them. Saw Downton Abbey over Thanksgiving and loved it.