Thursday, 3 October 2019

Talking About Books

   A very cool, dull day with a bit of rain. I went to the tennis courts in between showers but no one else showed up so I just hit against the back board for a while, then home for coffee and toast. I put some French bread in the breadmaker and soon I had a couple of baguettes. I plan to have bruschetta tonight with the last of the ripe tomatoes.

   After a bit of housework I got out a puzzle I haven't done in a while and soon it was lunch time. Then off to Book Club. We were discussing "Nine Perfect Strangers" by Lianne Moriarty (she of "Big, Little Lies" fame). We weren't very impressed with the book as we like something with a bit more meat to it. We have decided to be more judicious with our book choices next year. There are only so many books we can read in our time remaining on Earth so it might as well be something more interesting with a bit of a challenge!

   The presenters had brought in some lovely treats - mini muffins, scones, fruit and veggies and dip. Claire and I are presenters next month and this will be a hard act to follow! Tea and coffee are always on tap so it is almost like afternoon tea. I will just be eating leftovers for dinner tonight.


  1. I was also very disappointed in Nine Perfect Strangers.

  2. Have you read Louise Penny's newest book? It's waiting for me at the library. I hope I'm not disappointed with it.