Thursday, 17 October 2019

Ladies (and men) Who Lunch

   Third lunch out this week - lunch and a Travelogue (of Morocco and Gibralter) which was excellent (the food) and fascinating (the travelogue). I have been to both places, a few years ago, and recognized several of the spots. The event was presented by the retired teacher's group I belong to so there were lots of people there I knew. First I went to this month's Probus meeting but had to leave half way through the talk.

   I had offered to take my daughter out for lunch tomorrow - it's her birthday on Saturday - but in retrospect was reluctant to eat out again, so have invited her here for lunch instead. She only gets an hour for lunch so it will be something quick and simple, something I would probably fix for myself. She won't mind and I have a little gift for her.

   A very cold wind today and no sun. The thermometer said 10C but it felt much, much colder! I am definitely not ready for this blast of Arctic air. 

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