Thursday 24 October 2019

Good Intentions

    Well, I didn't last very long in my ambition to start a new eating regime! The VB6 (vegetarian before 6 p.m.) was broken this afternoon at the monthly Probus wine tasting!

   This was my first time attending the event and it was a lot of fun. It takes place at a different member's house each month with 11 or 12 people attending, and the host purchases 5 different wines, which we sample in a blind tasting. Each attendee brings a platter of food (mine was fruit) but there was a lovely choice of cold cuts in which I indulged rather heavily. I did make up for it this evening by just having soup (vegetable) and a tomato and roasted red pepper sandwich. I will also have some of the leftover fruit and call it a day. Tomorrow is another day!


  1. I am sure a little disruption to your intended regime will not hurt - it is what we do the majority of the time that is important. The sandwich sounds a nice filling - I like both tomatoes and red pepper.

    1. Back to more sensible eating today - baked fish fillet and broccoli casserole!

  2. Oh yes to roasted red peppers & I have just discovered roast red pepper jelly. Took a while to find one without the hot spicy ingredients. Tomorrow is truly the start of a new beginning :)

  3. I roasted the red peppers myself - a good way to use up a pepper that is getting a bit soft. I tried making red pepper jelly but was not too successful. My daughter makes a great one - she gives it for Christmas presents. Hope I get one this year!