Tuesday 1 October 2019

Another Special Day

  Lovely morning, up to 28C. We were all sweating on the tennis courts - a last blast of summer! It is going to be 12C later this week and that's the daytime high! Such a big change in temperature is hard on our bodies. We need a gradual adjustment.

   At tennis today someone brought in a birthday cake for me - I didn't realize anyone knew it was my birthday yesterday but I must have let it slip. Luckily they don't know how old I am! We all had a slice of cake with our morning coffee so it was a little bit special.

   Bridge this afternoon (I played rather badly but was not the lowest scorer) and it began to rain just as we were leaving. Torrential rain after I got home - the garden was grateful. Now a quiet night in front of the TV


  1. Happy belated birthday and how lovely to receive a cake. We have had a lot of rain over here.

    1. Thank you, Vivian. I don't usually celebrate my birthday but it is nice to be remembered. My brother, who lives in South Africa, always remembers my birthday!