Wednesday, 23 October 2019

VB6 and Home Ownership

   Have you heard the expression VB6 before? It was a new one on me but it stands for "Vegetarian before 6 p.m." In other words, don't eat any meat before your last meal of the day. This is what I do most days without actually realizing there was such a thing and, in my opinion, it is a very healthy way to eat. Although we are carnivores, humans don't really need a great deal of meat - maybe 4 to 6 ounces a day. That would amount to half a chicken breast, a hamburger or a fillet of fish. I plan to make a conscious effort to follow this regime!

    Another notion that is floating around in my head - the problem of young people trying to get on the home ownership ladder. A recent article in the newspaper found that new home buyers are required to put down a deposit equal to 5% of the price of a home. In the current market here, where the average price of a very modest house or condo is $500,000, that would require a down payment of $25,000. To buy in the city centre (as opposed to the suburbs or rural areas) is even more impossible with houses there almost double that figure. What young people can save that vast sum, even with two salaries? This is even more difficult if they are paying rent on their present home, as these rates have also increased exponentially over the last few years. Your thoughts?


  1. I am a VAD (vegetarian all day!) but being a VB6 is a good way to eat if you like meat. The home ownership is just difficult - it is the same here. My daughter in the North of Yorkshire lives in an expensive belt. They can only rent. The rents for a two bedroom start at about £750 a month so once renting there is no hope of saving. A mortgage on the cheapest properties would be cheaper but then the cheaper properties are in the worst areas with the worst schools and education is now a big factor for her with the children. It is a bad situation not helped by the government. The Universal Credit benefit cap is set at about £550 but all you could rent for this is a one bedroom flat -if you have a dearer place you have to find the excess out of the rest of the benefit and go without food! With the children now my daughter is surviving rather than living and statistics show that people in this situation cut down on food and buy cheap junk - long term this will not be good for the young generation's health.

  2. I blame speculators for pushing up house prices. I'm just glad my kids got on the property ladder before prices went sky high but I have worries about the grandkids. Where will prices be when they go shopping for a home?

  3. I like the idea of VB6 although I am VAD. It's a good way to leaning in to helping the planet. We were lucky that we were able to purchase our home way out of the main area & before our village become popular. Couldn't do it in today's market.