Sunday 6 October 2019

More Book Talk

   I am reading "Educated", a memoir by Tara Westover, for the next Book Club meeting but today I got sidetracked. It's "The Turn of the Key" by Ruth Ware and I think I will rush through it before I get back to the other one. It has started out with lots of suspense, just the kind of book I like! Both books are hard to get from the library as they have been in the top ten list for some time so I won't be able to renew them. Just as well the weather is a bit too wet to work in the garden.

    I have a Louise Penny book waiting for me at the library but I will leave it there until later in the week. This is her latest, "A Better Man" and it is also in the top ten list. I usually like her books but have found the last couple a bit too similar. Maybe it's time for her to come up with a new formula. She is a very prolific writer and very popular in Canada as her books are set in Quebec.

   Busy in the kitchen today - a cracked wheat loaf and a batch of sugar cookies. The latter are to take to Crafters meeting tomorrow morning. I hope I made enough, the ladies do love them!

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