Friday, 4 October 2019

Rather Chilly

   A nippy but sunny morning (8C) and we had a surprisingly good turnout at tennis. I had to keep making extra pots of coffee as more people rolled in. Usually we make a 32 cup urn but hadn't been expecting so many to show up. Everyone was in their warm-up gear but stripped off as they worked up a sweat.

   As a follow up to my Emerg visit two weeks ago I had to go for a breathing analysis this afternoon. It was quite uncomfortable (nose clip, breathing tube, being asked to pant heavily) but it is done and hopefully the results will be good. The respirologist I saw earlier this week just sent me as a precaution. I was surprised how quickly I was seen by him and will go back next week for the results.

   The sun is still shining in the windows but we may have a frost tonight so I have brought in some plants I want to save over the winter.

Some tomatoes ripening in a sunny window.

My birthday flowers still looking good!


  1. I've dug out all the flannel bed sheets - I was trying to hold off, but the nights are too chilly for comfort. Sunshine is lovely but there's a chilly breeze. Your B-day flowers are holding up quite well. I was emptying pots after work today - too many to try to protect from the forecasted frost, picked a few that still looked good.

  2. I cut off my remaining tomatoes and brought them in last night. We had frost! -Jenn