Wednesday 11 June 2014

Time Flies

   I barely turned around and already it's Wednesday. Monday was as usual, James here and he declared he is done with Play Group, so we won't be going there any more. While at the mall I took him for a haircut - not as neat as his last one but, can't complain when it's only $6. Following that we had a treat at Tim Horton's as he sat so very still for the cut.

   Tuesday, tennis in the morning, I managed 4 sets with breaks in between, even though it was quite hot and humid. I stopped at Starbucks for a Frapaccino on the way home, it was delicious, very refreshing,  and I had a "dollar off" coupon. Dancing with Natalie in the evening. While dinner was cooking (Spaghetti with a nice tomato sauce) we practiced the dances.  We tried three dances but, as it turned out, she was pretty exhausted by the last one so maybe it was too much. Next week we will go back to just two. It was a lovely evening and DITP was much better attended than last week. Hope they made some money!

   James here again today (this is the last three-day week) and we spent the morning hunting for a replacement bulb for my Tiffany lamp. Seemingly they are discontinued but I managed to find a similar one at Canadian Tire. He was very good about trailing from store to store so I took him to the indoor pool for a swim after lunch. I ate the leftover spaghetti for lunch while James had his usual sausage and egg. Tonight I am still eating leftover pork pie. I'm getting very bored with it and, since there is still almost half of it to eat, I may have to send it back to the freezer for a future time. Peas and some Swiss Chard from the garden will be all I will need for a balanced, healthy meal.

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