Sunday 1 June 2014

Garage Sale

   Judy's neighbours were having a street garage sale and she agreed to participate. However, Sunday may not have been a wise choice as customers were few and far between. I took over some stuff and managed to sell a few items. She will try again next Saturday which is usually more lucrative as far as customers go.

   I came home with less money than I had when I arrived, courtesy of Natalie's cookie sale and the lemonade stand. But the kids had fun participating in the sale. I will have a garage sale later this month and Judy will bring over whatever she has left.

   Pottered in the garden this afternoon and finished filling the pool. The guys will come back tomorrow to start up the pump, heater and filter. Then we just have to wait for the water to warm up. Right now it's only 60F! It needs to get up to 80F for us to venture in.

   Dinner tonight is salmon and asparagus, the first of the season. I will also cook some brown rice with cremini mushrooms. No dessert but I might have some fruit or yogurt later.

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