Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Solstice

    The weather continues to be cool and comfortable for this time of year as we arrive at the longest day. Temperatures have been consistently in the low  to mid 20's, cooling off overnight. The down side of this is that my pool is warming up very slowly and, although I haven't had to resort to using the heater, it has been rather chilly for my daily swims!

   Tomorrow is my big Garage Sale! Since getting home from tennis this morning (and taking a nap) I have been organizing, pricing and writing labels and signs. I'm hoping to get rid of most of the toys I've accumulated for the grandkids to play with when they are here and also some household items that have sat in cupboards for most of my years in this house. It will be interesting to see how much of it goes and how much will have to be consigned to the garbage. Most of it will not be coming back into the house!

   The garden is flourishing although the peonies, which usually keep blooming for a couple of weeks, took a beating in the storm on Tuesday. We had a mammoth amount of rain and wind (close to tornado conditions) but it was short lived and no major damage, at least not here. I did hear that many people lost power and that a tornado did touch down in Angus, a small town about 120 kms. north of the city, and there was considerable damage to houses there.
This beautiful dragonfly was, unfortunately, dead on closer inspection!
The first rose of summer - it was much more beautiful earlier in the day as it began to open but I didn't have my camera handy at the time.

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