Sunday 8 June 2014

A Busy Weekend

   I have a lamb shoulder chop braising in a tasty gravy at the moment and will shortly have it with garlic mashed potatoes and a salad. I have also been nibbling on tostitos and an avocado and salsa dip so I will be well fed tonight.

   Last night was the White Heather Ball, held in Oshawa at a Polish banquet hall. The food was fairly ethnically accurate, cabbage rolls, perogies, breaded chicken cutlets (a version of Viener Schnitzel), very filling and plenty of seconds. We had been practicing the dances for several weeks so they went well. I only sat out one dance and managed to last to the final one, "The Reel of the Royal Scots". A wonderful evening, all told.

   Today I woke up too late to head to the tennis courts, so watched the finals of the men's French Open instead. My favourite won, so I was happy with the result. The rest of the day has been spent relaxing over the newspapers as some rain this afternoon prevented me from toiling out in the garden! It's fairly mild still (20C) so no need for either heating or air conditioning. Saw some goldfinches pecking at the seeds from the forget-me-nots this afternoon, two pairs, and they hung around for some time. I bought a new bird bath last week (the other one was leaking) so the garden has become a favourite refuge for all sorts of wildlife. There was a drowned mouse in the swimming pool last Monday!

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