Saturday, 14 June 2014

......And It's Saturday Again!

   Thursday started out cool and overcast so we didn't have a great turnout for the Bridlewood social tennis  just 5 of us. It's not my favourite as the other guys just like to hit, no games, and I find that both boring and tiring. I only lasted an hour and a bit. I much prefer Don Mills as we play actual games.

   On Friday James and I had a last visit to the play group and took a present as he won't be back. He got big hugs from all the teachers as he has been going for three years now and they were genuinely sorry to see him go. He stayed long enough to make a Father's Day card for Dave and play with some of the toys. After lunch he didn't seem to need a nap so we spent an hour at the park. It wasn't too hot and he had fun running in and out of the splash pad.

   Today, just my usual chores and a bit of gardening. The garden seems to have suddenly taken off, especially the weeds! I have a few tomatoes forming and a pepper. The parsley and basil are going like gangbusters and I picked another green onion today. Nothing special for dinner tonight, just some cooked chicken from the freezer, but I had a delicious lunch - blue cheese and pate on a cranberry and pumpkin seed loaf - all compliments of my Air Miles at Metro! I also got some smoked mackerel which I have been looking for, for ages.

   Television tonight has been usurped on most channels by the FIFA World Cup. I may have to resort to reading!

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