Monday 30 June 2014

Long Weekend

   Family over here on Sunday for swimming and a meal. I decided to go with my version of Swiss Chalet's Festive Special since we are half way between last Christmas and the next.

  It was warm enough to swim without the heater on, amazingly. Everyone was in the pool, even Steve and James who were both rather reluctant initially. Natalie is a little fish, diving and bobbing all over, and Elliot had lots of fun on the inflatable rocket.

   Dinner was a great success. Alison had brought a delicious roasted corn and avocado salad with a hint of cilantro. Judy's salad was crunchy and exotic too. The only mistake was the potatoes which I cooked - they didn't crisp up and, although cooked, were a bit soggy - too many pieces in the roasting pan!  I had picked up a couple of rotisserie chickens from Metro and we had stuffing and Chalet sauce (which Elliot prepared). A few sausages rounded out the feast, although I forgot to serve the cranberry sauce - it will be saved for next Christmas.

   Once everyone had digested their meal, we had strawberries, blueberries and cream for dessert. Then it was back in the pool (even me!) as it was still warm and pleasant.

   Today Judy and the kids were back for another dip as it continues to be very hot. James was in for the longest time, not even wanting to come out to eat his lunch. He is becoming quite the water baby!

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