Friday, 6 June 2014

Belated News

   Tennis on Tuesday morning - It started off slowly as we had rain overnight and the courts were still very wet. Stan had come early and got Court #1 dry enough to play and we worked on Court #3 for half-an-hour and got it playable by 9:00. After that the sun came out and pretty well took over the job. I was in charge of the board but it was an easy task as people dribbled in slowly as the weather improved and I managed a couple of sets.

   I had promised Natalie I would take her dancing on Tuesday evening and showed up at her school in a thunder and hail storm. I have never seen so much water on the roads and didn't hold out much hope for the dancing. However, the storm was fairly localized and didn't hit Edwards Gardens so we headed down there around 7:00 p.m. She had learned two of the dances and we watched the others. Back to Markham around 8:30. We will try it again next week.

   I have spent most of the last three days watching tennis matches from Paris, especially the Canadian players who have, unfortunately, all now been eliminated. Today, while at Don Mills, we saw the two men's semi-final matches in between taking to the courts ourselves. It was so pleasant that I managed three sets before parking myself in front of the TV. The ladies final is tomorrow and the men's on Sunday.


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