Friday 18 August 2023

Quite a Turn in the Weather

   It was on the cool side today, just the high teens, and a very strong wind, but we played tennis for a couple of hours anyway. Fortunately, the wind screens on the courts cut down some of the wind. On my way home I stopped in at Metro (the only one near me where the workers are not on strike!) to pick up a few groceries and still had time to do a bit of gardening before lunch. A productive morning.

    The weather continued to be miserable after lunch (it was positively chilly and some rain) so I got to work in the kitchen and made a pot of cauliflower soup, a zucchini loaf and breaded chicken with roasted vegetables for my dinner. Having the oven on really warmed up the kitchen.

    That should be it for zucchinis for this year, I am just relieved I managed to use them up as they appeared. Some seemed to grow to full size overnight! I gave three away but used all the others. There is one small one left that will be fritters in a day or two.

   Watching tennis from Cincinnati on TV this evening and quite a few of the seeds have fallen already. Semis tomorrow and the Finals on Sunday so I have my TV watching all arranged.


  1. It sounds as if you might have got our weather from a few days ago. Now we are hot once again.

    God bless.

    1. I certainly hope it isn't the end of summer. It sure felt like it today!

  2. That loaf looks delicious. I might see if I can grow some zucchinis in pots this summer.

    1. I was surprised how quickly the pants started producing flowers.