Tuesday 15 August 2023

Getting Back to Daily Blogging

    Yesterday at Bridge our missing member sent news that she will be available in September. So I have decided to step back from the Monday group to make room for her. I will still be available as a "spare" as things do come up to prevent people from attending. My other Bridge group (which is a bit more challenging) starts up again next month on a Tuesday so I will attend that.

   Today started off with a couple of hours of tennis but since this was the "drop-in" group I didn't rush over. I had two sets and was home by 11:15. After a brief respite I cut the front grass as rain was threatening and it hadn't been cut in over a week. The weeds are pretty bad too but I will wait until there's a good soaking to get to work on them.

   There is tennis on TV this week from Cincinnati so I watched that for a while. After lunch I had a brief nap then got a loaf of bread started in the bread machine. While it was chugging away I got to work on the glut of tomatoes and made a vegetarian sauce to go in the freezer. The bread turned out well!

   When it has cooled I will slice it for the freezer. It tastes really good for lunch with some cheese and chopped tomatoes - my "go-to" lunch while the tomatoes are in season! 


  1. Your bread looks perfect!!! Hmmm, I might make tomato sauce out of the next batch of ripe ones.

    God bless.

    1. I am just barely staying ahead of the crop!

  2. A busy day. How kind of you to put yourself as reserve in the one card group so another can have a spot. Oh your bread looks fabulous ... you keep tempting me to buy a bread maker.

  3. I use it a lot - it's so easy!