Wednesday, 17 August 2022

The Latest Crop

 This week's pickings of tomatoes - every meal must contain tomatoes or I will be leaving them to rot on the vine. The cherry tomatoes mostly get eaten at lunch and a plum tomato got slipped into tonight's stew. All my  friends have a similar glut and next it will be the zucchinis!

    Still no rain although there were a few spots this afternoon as I was walking home from the Seniors Centre and thunder rumbling around somewhere close by. The grass is mostly brown now and probably won't recover before Fall. One neighbour has a perfectly green lawn and it looks so strange surrounded by swaths of brown! I guess they have an irrigation system. The one thing that is doing well are the (unintentional) sunflowers growing around my composter, they are well over 6 feet tall! I will try for a photo once the flowers have all opened.


  1. Your comment on my blog about everything looking green- we’ve had some decent rains, but we don’t put the sprinkler on any lawn ( I do put it on the vegetable garden, though). Our “lawn” looks green because it’s a country lawn , some grass, some clover, some dandelions, a bunch of other various weeds- they don’t succumb to dry times like a perfect lawn would🙂. Enjoy those tomatoes! -Jenn

  2. They look lovely - one can skin them and then freeze them whole to use later for sauces, etc . . . xx

  3. Such a pretty photo of the shapes & colours of your crop. I've been trying to find new ways to enjoy cherry tomatoes. You are lucky that the chipmunks & squirrels don't eat your young sunflowers & leave them alone to grow up.

  4. We have had considerable rain during the past few days, so our grass is nice and green again. Such a colourful dish of tomatoes, enjoy.