Tuesday 23 February 2016

Soup and a Dip

    Sunny again today but it was pretty chilly walking up to Hendrina's building for tennis at 9:45 this morning. We played for almost two hours and I felt I played better than I have for several weeks. However, my serve is still pretty weak - I will have to work on that before the outdoor season starts up.

   I went straight over to Bridge class (after a quick costume change at home). I took my lunch with me and ate between classes - Conventions finishes at 12:45 and Play of the Hand starts at 1:00. I managed to get a seat at one of the tables and we set up hands and analyzed how we would play them with advice from Frank. Home by 3:15 for a nap and then some light cooking chores.

    I had bought a cauliflower on the weekend and decided to make soup with half of it. The other half I cut into florets and roasted in the oven. It looks tasty but, unfortunately, I left it in too long. I will have to trim off the burned bits! I also made a red pepper dip from some roasted red peppers Judy brought me on the weekend. It was very tasty with some pita bread and veggies - a healthy snack. I made it by processing the peppers with a little garlic, some sour cream and a chunk of cheese.

   Just leftover fish for dinner so it will be an easy cleanup, but I still have to blend the soup with my immersion blender - such a handy gadget!

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