Saturday, 20 February 2016

Free Food!

   It was quite Spring like today, 7C this morning with some light rain, then a sunny afternoon and I'm sure the temperature got into the double digits. I went for a walk around 3:00 p.m. and although it was quite windy, I didn't need gloves or boots. The snow is pretty much all gone here in the city although the ski areas are still operating. It has been a poor season for them this year. 

   I cashed in $20 worth of PC Points on my shopping trip this morning - it feels so good to get free food! I stocked up on coffee and marmalade and indulged myself with a couple of avocados, a red pepper and a giant cauliflower - they have all been so expensive this winter.

    Judy dropped by with the grandkids this afternoon - they had been shopping at Fairview Mall for a Lego kit Elliot had saved up for. It has been out of stock since Christmas so it has been a long wait but he managed to keep his money intact. He's not a big spender. I had done some baking before they arrived so they left with a chunk of cake just out of the oven in their hot little hands. It was a fruit cake made with mixed peel and glace cherries left over from the Christmas plum pudding and it turned out quite well. I sliced the rest and stored it in the freezer to have with coffee another day.

   My other culinary attempt today was a lamb shoulder chop (also bought with PC Points) cooked on a bed of vegetables with a liberal dose of Marsala wine mixed with tomato paste. I cooked it in the oven until it was falling-off-the-bone tender and the vegetables were getting slightly crispy. A yummy, one pot, meal! Now there's just the dishes to wash then I can relax for the evening.

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