Sunday, 21 February 2016

Another Mild Day

    Started off at 7C again this morning but quite a cold wind so I wasn't outdoors too much. The sun shone for most of the morning then clouded over later as the temperature dropped. The snow has completely disappeared but it's likely we will get more before the end of winter.

   I forgot about dance practice this afternoon - hope they didn't miss me! I had it in my calendar which I checked yesterday but then it completely slipped my mind - a rather worrying senior moment! We are supposed to be practicing for a St. Patrick's Day demo in March but I will just have to brush up on the dances by myself.

   Nothing fancy for meals today - just soup, crackers and cheese for lunch and fish, sweet potato fries and peas for dinner, nice easy meals with not too much preparation and cleanup. I have lost a few pounds (maybe 4 or 5) by cutting back on carbs - too bad I like bread so much!

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