Thursday 18 February 2016

Out of the Chill

   The Internet went down yesterday just as I was about to write my daily entry so here is a capsulated version of the last two days.

   After the snow and bitter cold on Tuesday the weather has gradually returned to more seasonal levels. In fact today was almost Spring like with just -3C and sun melting the snow and ice. The next few days are supposed to be in positive values but rainy - all good news as far as I'm concerned!

   Probus this morning and a very entertaining speaker. I picked up several books which will keep me going for the next month, although I also have to reread next month's book club selection. Bridge this afternoon with Bonnie, Pauline and Margaret. I did not have good cards but did have one hand that was playable and, just barely, winnable.

   Yesterday at the Senior's Centre I was offered some pasta left over from the lunch on Tuesday so that will be dinner tonight, baked up with some sausages and extra vegetables and parmesan cheese, and a salad. A nice easy dinner.

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