Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Great Meal Out

   After a quick breakfast of half a banana with peanut butter and some yogurt (my favourite go-to breakfast of the moment) and a quick swipe at the snow on the driveway, I was at my Yoga class by 9:00 a.m. I am getting better at the stretches but the balance postures are really beyond me. I am wondering whether or not to sign up again next session. I do enjoy the meditation portions of the class.

 It was quite chilly with a cold wind when I set out this morning and it started to snow again before class was over. Home for coffee and toast while reading the paper and then a quick change before going out for lunch with the RODEO ladies. We were at Lara's Restaurant today which serves predominately Middle Eastern food. I had a Falafel sandwich with a Fatoush salad. It was full of tasty stuff (pickled turnip, no less) and interesting spices. The servings were huge and I brought home at least half of the meal. I had the rest for dinner tonight and, in fact, there's still some of the sandwich left for a late night snack. And all that for only $9.50! I will certainly go there again!

   Very stuffed at the moment so I think I will eat lightly tomorrow. Lots of good shows on TV tonight, perfect when you can't move from the sofa, and the fire's on to keep me cozy as the temperature drops. I'll be up until 11:00 watching "Shetland". Good times!

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