Sunday 1 December 2013

A Close Call

   I lost my wallet today - silly sod!  I had it in my pocket as I biked down to Starbucks for a special promotion, a Crème Brulee latte (it was delicious when I finally got it). The wallet must have popped out as I turned a corner. What a shock when I got off my bike and found my pocket empty!

   My good fortune was that somebody honest picked it up off the road and called me to let me know. Meanwhile, I was retracing my steps in the vain hope of coming across it lying in the gutter, to no avail. I even tried some of the local stores to see  if someone had handed it in there. But my good Samaritan, who lives nearby, was able to find my phone number (through my hospital registration card) and leave me a very welcome message. All's well that ends well.

   I have had a beef stew in the crock pot since early this morning and it is beginning to smell delicious. The meat should be good and tender in a couple of hours and the vegetables will be well flavoured by the meat, wine and tomatoes. And I will definitely not need a dessert tonight as the special coffee treat was sweet enough.

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