Sunday, 15 December 2013

First Winter Storm

     It's not even winter yet and already we are inundated with snow!

   It was quite a storm yesterday - strong winds, frigid temperatures and lots of snow - 12 cm here and even up to 40 cm in other areas. In fact, where the wind had blown the snow into drifts, it was probably quite a bit more. 

   Today was a day of shovelling. I had to do it in batches but, as I wasn't planning on going anywhere, there was no pressure to get it cleared. Sad to think we won't see the grass again until March or April.

   Only two other chores to do today - bake some mincemeat tarts for the freezer and get the lights on the Christmas tree. I had promised James that we would put up the ornaments tomorrow.  So now I will be able to keep my promise!

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