Tuesday 17 December 2013

A Day at Home

   Got several calls for work this morning but decided to stay home and catch up on chores. First off I wrote my local Christmas cards then, in a sudden burst of energy, sliced up some lemons and ginger to make marmalade. I have decided to use some of my preserves as gifts this year as I seem to have accumulated quite a pile of jams, marmalades and chutneys - more than I will ever be able to consume before the next crop.

   More snow shovelling today as it snowed pretty much all morning. It wasn't as cold and there wasn't as much of the fluffy stuff so the job went quickly. However, if this is a taste of how winter is going to be this year, we will all be mightily sick of the white stuff by March!

   A brisk walk down to the mailbox and that should be the last of the Christmas mailings for this year. However, I have a few cards on hand in case I receive one from someone I have forgotten. One last chore - a trip to the library for a book waiting for me. Now I can relax with the fire on and something to nibble before fixing dinner. Tonight it's ham and roasted vegetables but I will skip dessert - until later in the evening, that is. There are mincemeat tarts calling to me from the freezer!

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