Thursday 19 December 2013

Busy Morning

    As predicted, it has been quite mild today - more like the temperatures we expect towards the end of December. Up to +4C today but rather dull and overcast.

    I spent the morning running errands - the drug store, the library, the beer and liquor stores, the bulk food shop, the grocery store. Just a few small items but it took 2 hours! The stores weren't too busy and the parking lots were relatively easy to navigate. I'm sure the weekend and the days leading up to the 25th will be much more hectic.

   I have decided to make the marzipan for the Christmas cake myself. I priced the prepared stuff and to cover the whole cake would have been about $15. I have most of the ingredients - just had to buy ground almonds, a lemon and almond essence. I got the recipe from a contributor to the Cottage Smallholder forum. There is a wealth of information on that site and so many talented people contribute to the forum.

    When the kids come over on Saturday (parents are having a dinner party so the kids will sleep over here)  we will cover and decorate the cake, or perhaps I will cut it up so they can have their own to decorate. First comes a coating of jam, then the marzipan and finally some icing and candies for decoration. Photos to follow

    A quiet evening at home is called for as I am going skiing with Judy and the kids tomorrow (if the weather cooperates - freezing rain is forecast). It will be an early start and quite a tiring day. I must check the Brimacombe website to see what the snow conditions are.

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