Wednesday 18 December 2013

Better Weather

   It is slightly warmer today, even got up above freezing this afternoon. The wind seemed to be coming from the south east so we may be in for a few days with more seasonal temperatures. No sun, though, and a light dusting of snow has turned everything white again.
   I managed to get James outside for almost an hour today, shovelling snow (me) and jumping in and out of snowbanks (James). He was completely snow covered and I had to strip off his outer clothes before we went inside. It is quite a production to get him in and out of snowpants, making sure the snow cuff is down over his boots, and securing his mitts so no snow goes up his sleeves!

   In the afternoon we went to Judy's school to watch their concert rehearsal. James thoroughly enjoyed himself, joining her Kindergarten class for the performances and a snack afterwards in her classroom. Unfortunately, this change to his routine upset him somewhat and he had a "hissyfit" when we got home. Luckily he exhausted himself and fell asleep so I had a quiet hour to myself. Then we were off to Swiss Chalet for our annual family get-together over the Festive Special (chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce). The eight of us had a very pleasant meal, much more civilized than in previous years as the kids mature!

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