Thursday 5 December 2013

Getting Cracking

   I was up and off early today to Bayview Village Mall, where I got started on the preparations for Christmas. The day was amazingly mild, already 9C and it got up to 14C and the sun came out before I returned home. I ordered a capon from Pusateri's, my usual choice for the Christmas bird. Normally I don't shop there as it is rather upscale and expensive but it's one of the few places I know that has capons at this time of year.  It will be a 10lb bird, almost as big as a turkey but, hopefully, more succulent. There will be 10 of us for the meal but, as three are kids, that should be big enough. I am hoping to farm out the preparation of the accompanying vegetables to the other ladies to keep things simple for myself. Apart from the bird I will cook the stuffing and potatoes. And, of course, the plum pudding for dessert is all ready just to be heated up.

   Next stop in the mall was "Mastermind", a store that has a huge selection of educational toys for kids. After a bit of searching I managed to find age-appropriate games for all three grandkids that should also be fun, and one was on sale! I just hope they like them. That's all the gifts I'll be buying as the adults among us have agreed to give to charities in each others' names instead of gifts, an eminently sensible solution to the problem of choosing something appropriate for each other.

   Then on to the liquor store as I had decided to treat myself to a cooking demonstration in the New Year. The one I chose is called "Mainly Mushrooms" and includes tips on how to select and prepare exotic mushrooms and sampling such delicacies as Tuscan Roulade and Mexican Chocolate Truffles. Sounds delicious and I can't wait to attend.

   Last stop was Starbucks in the Chapters store for a Decaf Tall Latte - I really didn't need it but it's become an essential part of this pre-Christmas trip to the mall. I will be back on Christmas Eve to pick up the capon and all the trimmings for the Christmas feast.

   As I said, it was a very mild, pleasant day today so, just before lunch, I strung some Christmas lights on the bushes by the front door. James has been bugging me to get out my Christmas stuff but I have been procrastinating. Maybe this little touch will get him off my back! 

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