Tuesday 3 December 2013

Our Final Dance

   The band was giving it their best, the food was excellent, and the dancers were well prepared for a lively evening last night. We had 114 people attend our final dance so it was a fitting end to a long and successful tradition for the Scarborough Social Group.

    After several encores, things finally wound down around 11:30 ( a bit tough for those who had to get up for work the next morning - me, I slept in until 10:30 a.m.). So I have had a lazy day today with a late breakfast, a short walk before lunch, then a nap and some reading in the afternoon. Nothing like being retired and with few commitments! I was the lucky  recipient of our table centrepiece, artfully created by Jean who did all 16 of them. I hope it survives for a week or so, it is so beautiful.

    Tomorrow I have to start thinking about Christmas which will be upon us before we know it. Better get those Christmas cards off overseas in the next few days! 

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