Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday Chores

   Back to frigid temperatures, -2C this morning with a bitingly cold wind. The sun was shining but it didn't do much to ameliorate the chill. So I was sprinting from the car to the store and back again while out running errands. Judy ordered me some copies of a photo of the grandkids to put in my Christmas cards so I picked them up at Walmart this morning and will get them in the mail tomorrow. I also got some seed bells for the birds which I will hang from the front porch. James and I like to watch the sparrows swinging from them as they peck at the seeds.

    I made a concerted effort this afternoon to finish my current library book, "Sweet Tooth" by Ian McEwen (quite a surprise ending!) as there was another book waiting for me at the library. So, another trip to the mall but now I am all set for a day indoors tomorrow.

   I defrosted some scallops for dinner tonight as I feel like something fairly light. I will have them with pasta and a mushroom and cheese sauce. I have lost 5 lbs. this month and hope to keep it off during the time of feasting that is coming up.  Best not to weigh myself again until all the festivities are over!

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