Saturday 13 July 2013

Garlic Pesto Pizza

   I found some marked down naan at the grocery store today and had a brainwave, involving the pesto I made last week from the garlic scapes. It only required me to remove the jar of pesto from the freezer in enough time to be able to defrost enough to thinly cover a piece of naan. Then I topped it with tomato, sweet onion and grated cheese. A few minutes under the broiler and it was ready. Very delicious!

   I am still eating the last of the strawberries from my trip to the berry farm on Monday. There weren't enough left to freeze so I will just nibble away at them until they are gone. I need to eat them up as the raspberries in the garden are just about ready to pick. I have plenty of jam to last me until next summer and it can double as a dessert topping or to fill turnovers.

  I am really enjoying the Dan Brown book, especially as it is set in Florence, one of my favourite stops on my Tuscany trip. He obviously knows Florence extremely well as he has incorporated many of the well know art sites, palaces and gardens into the plot. I was curious about some of the sculptures he mentioned and went on line to find them. Lo and behold, there is a whole website based on his book and the Florence connections. That's one way to fritter away a hot afternoon!

   Tonight I am cooking tilapia which is not a fish I usually try. I hope it is tasty.


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