Wednesday 3 July 2013

A New Lily

  Most of my blossoming flowers and bushes have very little perfume but today I was assailed by a very powerful aroma in my garden. I traced it to a lily in my raspberry patch - either I planted it there and the raspberry canes overtook it or those darned squirrels have been up to their tricks again. It is a gorgeous pink but will probably only last for a few days and it doesn't look as if there are any more buds on the plant. It's always nice to find something unexpected in the garden!

    The lavender is at its best this week, also with a strong perfume, but only if you get quite close or spray it with water.

   Another great day in the pool for the young ones! James took a while to get in but was hurtling down the slide before too long. The water was 81F and the air temperature a comfortable 27C. Natalie was in as soon as they arrived even though it was still pretty cool, and the boys joined her after lunch.


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