Thursday 11 July 2013

Change of colour

   Last month my garden was all about pink. Although I still have some pink phlox about to bloom, the colours are more in the orange range this month. Day lilies are blooming in several spots and a very pretty yellowy-orange daisy has just started to flower and will be around until late August, Unfortunately I don't know its name.

   The day lilies are interesting. As the name suggests, each bloom only lasts one day but there are several on each long stalk so a new flower is opening all the time. They will continue to flower until the end of the month. This is a plant you will see growing wild in many rural areas as well as cultivated in urban gardens. In fact there is a large patch of them I pass on my way to the tennis courts, beside a fence, seemingly the overgrow from someone's garden.  They are such a cheery bright colour!
The daisies are rather gangly and spread out but I hate to tie them up as they seem more natural this way. They are nestled in my rock garden with hosta, sedum and other perennials.

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