Friday 5 July 2013

A Very Rainy Day

   The rain fell pretty continuously all day and put a damper on the 2nd. annual Wimbledon party at the tennis club. However, there was a good turnout and lots of food, even though the courts remained wet all day. Thankfully it wasn't raining at Wimbledon. The UK seems to be having an unusually nice and dry spell of weather. We watched the two semi-final matches on the clubhouse TV and cheered for our favourite players. Then we had a fine pot luck lunch followed by strawberries and cream on scones or shortcake. Only a light supper for me tonight! This is a tradition that I hope continues well into the future.

   I haven't been strawberry picking yet but hope to go on Monday. The berries should be big and juicy as we have had lots of rain in the last month. I will make some jam and a strawberry rhubarb pie. If there are any berries left after that, I will freeze them for the winter months when fresh produce is more expensive.

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