Saturday, 20 July 2013

Change in the Weather

   The heat has finally broken after a night of several thunder storms. A very pleasant 23C this morning and overcast but has since cleared with the temperature rising to 30C. Even with all the rain that came down last night, the pool is still well over 80F.

   I read in the newspaper today that it is time to dig up my garlic. Seemingly when the scapes straighten out, the bulbs are ready. I picked the scapes last week but they were already straight, so I figured it was time to get at the bulbs. Despite the rain last night this was easier said than done as they were quite deep. In fact I sliced through a couple of them in the process. They are pretty healthy looking specimens!

   I had dug up the onions last week so now all are drying in the garage - quite a good crop this year. Also got some tomatoes this week, just these yellow cherries (they are huge, much bigger than actual cherries!) and some tiny "sweet 100's". I will definitely get at least 100 from this one plant. The regular tomatoes are almost ready, so I won't be buying any more for a few weeks. They will taste so much better than those from the store.


The phlox is looking good this week. I have it in three spots in the garden, a beautiful pink shade but not much perfume.


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