Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Snowed In Again!

We had the worst storm last night. It completely blanketed everything with wet, heavy snow. I had barely time to dig a path from my front door to the driveway when Judy arrived with James in tow. Of course, he loved it and we stayed outside for nearly an hour, digging around the car, starting a track to the road and building a small snowman. We were soaked through when we got inside and I was quite exhausted. The road was a mess until this evening when the plough came by, but Judy has a heavy station wagon and was able to plough through it.

Now I have a sizeable windrow across the end of my driveway and still have the lower part to dig through. Fortunately, I am not working until the afternoon tomorrow so, if I haven't managed to dig my way to the road by then, I will get Judy to drive me to work during her lunch hour.

Needless to say, James and I were housebound today but were able to entertain ourselves. We baked shortbread in the morning, played a board game (his rules - he is only three after all!) and he experimented with linking his pony to his wagon and hauling it around the basement filled with a load of play food.I guess he was taking it to market. We both slept after lunch (mac' and cheese again - it was a big packet - in fact I finished it for dinner) and I had to wake him when it was time for him to go home. I decided not to attempt going to my Scottish Country dancing this evening so will have even more dances to catch up on. Quelle domage!!

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